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Bronze/Black Lacquer Candlesticks
Japanese Shokudai Candlesticks
Chrysanthemum base and holder
Meiji Era
Dimensions: 30" Height X 8-3/4” Base Diameter
Original use as candlesticks
Note: When purchased, candlesticks had been repurposed into lamps.
I have returned them to original use (candlesticks).
Images show hole in base where lamp-cord had been.
Sold as Pair Only
Price: Contact Joy
Gold Lacquer Chest with 5 Drawers
Togidashi Makie Finish
Design of Overall Butterfly and Peony
Farm Scene inside
Dimensions: 9" W, 10-1/4" H, and 12-1/4" D
Tokugawa Era, Edo period
Late 17th Century Early 18th Century
Price: Contact Joy
Green and Brown Japanese Vase
Dimensions: 6-1/2" Diameter by 7-1/2" Height
Circa 1920
Price: Contact Joy
Hibachi Burled Wood
Burled Wood
Dimensions: 13-3/8" W, 9" H, and 10-3/8" D
Price: Contact Joy
Ikebana Bamboo Basket in Branch
Dimensions: 24" Height, 9" Wide
c. 1900 -1920
Price: Contact Joy
Ikebana Basket Signed
From Kyushu region
Signed on bottom
Please note one loose bamboo strip on rim at top; otherwise, excellent condition (see more images)
Dimensions: 9 3/4" Height, 8" Diameter
c. 1920’s
A-780 JB
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Bamboo Spinning Wheel
Mingei (Folk) utilitarian tool traditionally used for everyday spinning, it has wonderful patina due to many years of soot accumulation from cooking fires in folk house. This a great architectural piece with spot light on it — creating interesting shadow effects (see more images).
Dimensions: 50"W X 12"D X 27.5"H
Materials: Base is Cryptomeria Wood, and Wheel is all Bamboo
Late Meiji Period
Excellent Condition
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Bamboo Wrapped
Dimensions: 4 1/2" Height, 4 1/2" Wide
Signed on bottom
c. 1920 - 1940
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Custom Lantern
Japanese Custom Lantern
Dimensions: 55-3/4" Height, 20-1/4" Wide (widest at very top) 17" Square (widest point of roofline)
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Glass Fisherman Floats
This grouping of Antique Glass Japanese Fisherman Floats includes Display pedestals with copper application (10 total). The 2 large Floats are imprinted with name (see more images). To give the objects more "visual presence" the concept of varied heights was incorporated. Added touch of copper results in an extra pop of color. I call them "floats with an attitude".
Great for a tablescape and conversation piece!
Dimensions vary - from as small as 3" Diameter by 4.25" High on pedestal to 10" D
Japanese Hearth Hook “Jizai Kogi”
Japanese Hearth Hook “Jizai Kogi” repurposed as Sculpture
Rope marks at top and in middle from hanging from ceiling
Solid Zelkova Wood
Late Edo/Early Meiji
Custom Iron Stand 12” Wide by 6” Deep
Sculpture 13-3/4” widest point
Overall Height including Stand 21-1/2”
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Palace Hibachi
Black Lacquer/Gold Makie Decorative Design
Cats Paw Feet
Copper Lining
Dimensions: 16-1/2”W X 16-1/2”H X 9-1/2”D
Meiji Era 1868 – 1912
Price: Contact Joy
Japanese Temple Ranma (Panel)
Dark Brown/Black Lacquer
Bronze Ornamentation and Gilting on Cryptomeria Wood
Dimensions: 60-1/4”W X 15-1/2”H X 1-1/8”D
Meiji Era 1868 – 1912
Price: Contact Joy
Kimono Stand
Black Lacquer/Gold Makie Design
Wonderful for displaying textiles
Dimensions: 68-1/2”W X 61”H X 14-1/2”D
Late Meiji Era 1868 – 1912
Price: Contact Joy
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