About Joy Kennedy

Since 1997, the Joy Kennedy Collection has focused on procuring distinctive antiques and decorative objects for a select clientele.   Joy's collection artfully blends Japanese antiques with European decor.   Think Meiji Period Japan meets Biedermeier ... Joy's hallmark is harmonizing and mixing cultures and designs.


Through the years, while participating in numerous California antique shows, Joy's business began to evolve into a quest to find unusual, unexpected design elements.    Asian and European treasures, through Joy's vision, are re-purposed.   A talent for creative and respectful design highlights a business that now includes Mid Century Modern art and accessories.


Joy's passion for the unusual continues.   Her search for the "beyond-the-beyond" objects is just as discerning and is reflected in her artful collection.

Antiques and Mid Century Decorative Accessories

Gold Lacquer Chest
Nagamochi Trunk - Japanese